The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection

Most of the pieces have been featured in Total Guitar magazine for which Chaz periodically writes. The Classic Collection features inciteful comments and humourous anecdotes of the composers.

The audio clip is from Claire de Lune (328KB).

Rhythm Guitar Playing

Rhythm Guitar Playing

This series is designed especially to accompany the Rhythm Guitar Playing section of the RGT/LCM electric guitar examinations. The books serve as an invaluable study aid in preparing for the exams.

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Routes to Sight Reading

If you're interested in learning to read music - whether for classical, acoustic or electric guitar - then these are the books for you! Starting at total beginner stage, Book 1 takes you on a musical journey. You'll be guided on a route where you'll learn the notes on the guitar very gradually; progressing string by string.

Book 2 leads on from the best-selling Book 1, by explaining how to read more advanced rhythms, such as syncopation, triplets, 16th notes and ties. Using this book will not only improve your guitar sight reading skills, it will also help you expand your knowledge of the fingerboard.

The final book in this series covers more complex rhythms and keys, as well as focusing on the higher ranges of the fingerboard.

Seascape Suite by Chaz Hart

Seascape Suite

'A beautiful impressionist suite which reflects the ever changing moods of the sea - from gentle serenity to powerful ferocity.'

The audio clip is from the first movement (547KB).

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